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We Help Companies to Improve Their Google Ranking Using AI-Powered SEO Technology

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We have more than 20 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We help businesses improve their Google rankings.

AI-Powered SEO

If some of your competitors have performed tweaks to improve the SEO results on their website, that will threaten your positioning. In that case, the AI powered SEO Hub will send you an immediate alert to take preventative action.

3X More Clicks and Conversions

Organic traffic from Google via rank number one positions are gettting, on average, a 300% increase in organic clicks, leads, and sales versus any other digital marketing channel

We provide ROI driven Insights for Your Search Engine Optimization project

Our goal is to provide more clicks and more goal completions (ie. sales, inquires, leads, bookings) for a lower Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) vs any other marketing channels.
92% of all planned B2B and B2C purchases start with a Google search
80% of the market ignores paid search and only clicks on organic results
71%  of the market only clicks on the top five results among organic searches
Every fifth search on google is for products and services.

The average ROI for YubeeOne clients are 300%

Boosts your business with Decent guidence and passion

YubeeOne is among one of 500 companies worldwide that are certified as Digital Marketing Professionals.


Certified Analytics & Data Specialist

In short, Analytics & Data specialists are able to make marketing decisions based on meaningful data, not hopeful hunches.

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialist

Certified Customer Value Optimization Specialists are uniquely qualified to help businesses architect a “conversion funnel” that reduces initial customer acquisition costs, while simultaneously increasing both immediate and lifetime customer values.

Certified Search Marketing Specialist

Certified Search Marketing Specialists are uniquely qualified to help brands and businesses develop and execute a sustainable search marketing program.  They are trained to identify and capitalize on search demand from platforms like Google, Amazon and. YouTube
Recipients of the “Certified Digital Marketer Professional” designation must complete 8 advanced online courses (totaling 43 modules with 419 lessons) and pass 34 quizzes, 8 exams, and a specialized comprehensive final exam and final project that tests on the full spectrum of full-funnel marketing methods including Conversion Funnels & Customer Value Optimization, Content Marketing, Paid Traffic & Customer Acquisition, Social & Community, Email Marketing, Search Marketing, Analytics & Data, and Optimization & Testing.
One of 500 worldwide
Certification Technical SEO
SEMRUSH Certified
SEM Certified
Top 11 Global leaderboard.
Top 10 Europe.
Top 1 Nordic countries
Top 5% of 1.7 million SEO experts

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Our consultants have optimized more than 300 high competitive keywords to top one positions in the UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and USA.
Google’s Maile Ohye shares her advice for hiring an SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) to improve the searcher experience on your website.

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